U2Shrine has Moved Home

Maybe this is the first time you have seen this, but the U2Shrine has existed for about 20 years!

I was hosting all the photos within my site. It took me forever to determine that the U2Shrine deserved so much better premises!

Much of the text will be replaced with photographs of my paraphernalia – records, magazines, newspaper clippings and more – making it easy viewing for everyone. I have plans to sell some.

My LastFM account will continue to stay where it is has disappeared into the void (updated 12.Nov.2018).

UPDATE (12.Nov.2018):
As we have moved to Kangaroo Island, my collection of paraphernalia is currently in multiple locations, and some of it boxed for preservation. 2019 will bring extra time on weekends to open those boxes, determine what is worth salvaging, and slowly selling all that I can. We need to buy a house.